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50 Tiny Steps to Add More Love to Your Life…Today (with Bonus Points!)

by Esther on 14 april 2012

Choose one of these and you are instantly guaranteed a little more love in your life (please proceed at your own risk):

Love Yourself

1. Have a salad for lunch (bonus points if it has strawberries)

2. Take a long shower or bath (bonus points if you lock the door)

3. Arrange a short trip/getaway (bonus points if you’re going alone)

4. Get a manicure or pedicure (bonus points if you’re a guy)

5. Get a tattoo (bonus points if you’re a girl)

6. Get a haircut (bonus points if you dye it as well)

7. Buy yourself a present (bonus points if it’s a book)

8. Go for a 5k run (bonus points if you do it in the morning)

9. Sing a song (bonus points if you sing it very loud and off-key)

10. Say a long prayer (bonus points if it gives you goose bumps)

11. Read an article or book chapter (bonus points if it’s on paper)

Love Your Neighborhood

12. Invite your neighbors over for coffee (bonus points if they are old)

13. Organize a BBQ (bonus points if you’re a vegetarian)

14. Offer someone help (bonus points if you don’t know them)

15. Go pick up roadside junk (bonus points if you see people copying you)

16. Discover a nearby place you didn’t know before (bonus points if you ask someone to show you around)

17. Take 10 photographs of ordinary things in your neighborhood (bonus points if you have been living there more than 10 years)

18. Chalk a heart on the sidewalk (bonus points if people passing by strike up a positive conversation over it)

Love Your Home

19. Vacuum clean or wipe the floor (bonus points if you do the whole house at once)

20. Paint the walls a different color (bonus points if the color is lime)

21. Sort out one corner of the house that has been bugging you (bonus points if it’s a box of your old toys)

22. Buy a new plant (bonus points if more than one)

23. Put those pictures up on the wall (bonus points if you frame them first)

24. Change the sheets (bonus points if this is normally only done for Christmas and Easter)

25. Clean the shower (bonus points if this allows you to discover the original color of the tiles)

26. Rearrange your furniture (bonus points if done in two or more rooms)

Love Your Creative Side

27. Pick an amazing photograph and have it printed (bonus points if it’s one of your own shots)

28. Paint a self-portrait (bonus points if someone recognizes you in it)

29. Draw a gnome (bonus points if someone recognizes you in it)

30. Create something with Play-Doh (bonus points if it’s an elephant)

31. Write a song (bonus points if you upload it to YouTube)

32. Write a poem (bonus points if it doesn’t rhyme)

33. Write a blog post (bonus points if it is a similar post to this one)

34. Play an instrument (bonus points if it’s either didgeridoo or bagpipes)

35. Crotchet a blanket (bonus points if you give it to your grandma once it’s done)

36. Bake a pie (bonus points if it involves lemon or chocolate)

Love Nature

37. Take a long walk in a park or forest (bonus points if you bring a dog)

38. Walk barefoot in the grass (bonus points if you’re afraid of bugs)

39. Taste the rain (bonus points if it’s summer)

40. Go see the sea (bonus points if you also swim in it)

41. Build a tree hut (bonus points if you also spend the night in it)

42. Climb a rock (bonus points if it’s your first time)

43. Take a sunbath (bonus points if it’s winter)

Love Others

44. Play with a toddler (bonus points if it’s not your own)

45. Call a family member you haven’t spoken for a while (bonus points if it’s a sibling)

46. Write a letter to a friend (bonus points if you actually send it to them)

47. Email someone telling them how much they mean to you (bonus points if it’s a secret crush)

48. Play a board game with 3 others (bonus points if it involves orcs)

49. Volunteer at a nursery home (bonus points if you play bingo)

50. Give food to a homeless person (bonus points if it’s home cooked)


Pick one today – remember: just one! Do it straight away, then share your experience in the comments.

Which number did you pick? How has doing it added a tiny bit of love to your life?

And did you score the bonus points?


  • Martinique

    Oops, I already did 2 today (but that was before I read this ;))
    Nr 11: WITH bonus points and Nr 24 WITHOUT bonus points.
    Spent about 20 minutes outside, in the sun, on the lounge bed, does that count for nr 43???
    I’m on a roll! Haha, no great post Es, love it!

    • Hahaha, awesome 🙂 Yeah, good thing you didn’t take the bonus points on 24! Today counts as autumn I think, so you can take half the points on 43 as well 🙂 Think I’ve done more than one myself actually!