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Love Drop Series: How Do You Handle Emergencies?

by Esther on 21 september 2011

Last month, Lucy was showered with (pink) gifts, money, letters and love in Wichita, Kansas. You can watch the video to see how that all went down. Get well soon, Lucy!

This month, the center of attention is Melanie, a lovely mother of four who was involved in a terrible accident and is now wheelchair-bound. This is her story.

One fatal evening, Melanie was taking a stroll with her 16-year-old son Aidan when a car with a distracted driver ran fully into her. She suffered severe injuries and will have to spend the next months in a wheelchair, after which she’ll hopefully be able to walk again.

This video introduces Melanie, her family and the accident that changed their lives (warning: it’s not for the faint-hearted).

Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

One moment can change everything. One second can switch life from perfectly normal to near-death.

In the seconds Melanie realized what was happening, she told her son she was dying and started saying her goodbyes to the family. But Aidan reacted quickly by holding her, talking to her, distracting her as much as possible to avoid her going into shock. His actions saved his mother’s life in those critical moments.

How well do you handle emergencies? How shock-proof is your personality?

You can never fully prepare for something as sudden and dramatic as a car accident. But you can think about coping strategies and life-saving actions in a general sense. When someone else suddenly needs you and you need to make split-second decisions, how do you react?

At the very least, you should have a phone at hand to call an ambulance – and not wait for somebody else to do it.

Melanie’s Love Drop: Practical Aid

Melanie is a kind and upbeat spirit, doing pretty much everything in the house for her husband and four kids. They’re adjusting now, helping out as much as they can and realizing how big her role actually was.

Besides caring for her family, Melanie also loves to help out others through blogging, couponing and letting people in need ‘shop’ in her emergency pantry. She’s the kind of person who always takes care of others and now has to accept that others take care of her. Watch the other videos to find out more about Melanie’s resilient and helpful nature.

This month, the guys at Love Drop come together for Melanie and her family to make the recovery more bearable by adapting the house to her reduced mobility. She loves to cook, so Love Drop is raising money for a stove with front controls, as well as a front-loading washer and dryer so she can keep on doing laundry.

The accident has changed the family’s life into a before and an after. Let’s try to make the after as smooth as possible for them.

Will you chip in?

Donate through Love Drop today.

  • I’ve always wondered how I will react in an emergency. Will I help out, give support or call an ambulance? Or will I be nailed to the floor with no idea what to do? I guess I’ll never know until something happens. I hope I’ll be strong enough to help out and be supportive.

    One more thing: Love Drop is such a nice way to help some people out who really need it. I like that they explain how the money will be spend and how it is spend. I believe a lot of people stop giving to charities these days, because hardly any of the money you donate ends up at the people who need it in the first place.

    Nice post, Esther!

    • Hi buddy! Nice to have you here, as always 🙂 I’ve wondered about the same things. Emergencies can be so sudden and so paralyzing that I hope I’d be able to do anything at all. It might also be a good idea to take a first aid course. My reaction witnessing an accident would now be: call an ambulance and get the hell out of the way for others to perform life-saving actions :S

      And I really like Love Drop myself. Even though I’m on the other side of the ocean, the personal nature of the drops kinda makes me feel I am a part of it. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for them and how they’ll grow 🙂

  • Pea

    I’m pretty calm person generally and the one who doesn’t panic when the Titanic is going down, but that was some excellent work by Aiden to know to quickly take her focus OFF dying.
    Even though I know that I’ve always been a calming influence I am vigilant about not taking that for granted as perhaps I have never met the situation that will make me lose my head.

    I did check out these Love Drop chaps because of you but I knew I was not in the right place to take action as I was distracted by many other things. But I will take time at some point to give it the attention it clearly deserves as it is my kind of deal.

    • Hi Pea! I guess none of us know if we can really keep our head together like Aidan did, until disaster strikes… it’s a scary thought. I know I’m not fully prepared for that kind of stuff myself, but then again, how can you ever fully prepare for an emergency? We are all so fragile in this life.

      Thanks for taking the time to have a look at Love Drop 🙂 I’m routing for them from a distance, trusting that what they do is right. There are many charities we could donate time or money to, but some speak more to us than others. I like its relatively small, personal nature and the fact that supporting doesn’t have to cost a whole lot (micro-giving: 1000 people giving $1 still raises $1000).