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Love Drop Series: “We’re Not Rich in Finances, But We’re Rich in Love”

by Esther on 9 december 2011

Love Drop is changing and will not be back in its current form. So this is the last Love Drop tale for now!

The December 2011 Love Drop is for Diomi and her son Nalee from Milwaukee. They currently find themselves in a very difficult position, after Diomi’s father died, she plunged into depression, lost her job and their apartment. Luckily, the church they attend offers some relief. See for yourself:

Rich Or Poor?

Watching their video brings one question to mind: what does it mean to be rich or poor? Diomi and Nalee are struggling with necessities such as food and clothing, but the love they have for each other is what pulls them through. Their church is also a huge help, providing a safe haven for Nalee and support system for his mom. As they say themselves:

We’re not rich in finances, but we’re rich in love. It’s important to have a good relationship with your children. It’s important to have a good relationship with God. And then, every day is a blessing. – Diomi

I already got what I deserve, and that’s my mom. – Nalee

What They Need

Things they really need are school uniforms for Nalee, job interview clothes for Diomi, food, and possibly a Christmas gift or two to help them start off the new year on a more positive note. If you can miss one dollar, please donate to Love Drop and help them out.

On behalf of the Love Drop Team, thanks a lot for your generosity, and talk to you in 2012!