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Love Drop Series: Lucy and the Silver Lining

by Esther on 3 augustus 2011

This is the fourth tale in the Love Drop series here at IdentiTales. Over the past few months, the Love Drop Team has blessed the Stalnaker family with a used car (a red Mustang convertible, no less!), arranged for a memorial park bench dedicated to Keith Aubin and donated $5,000 towards Felicity’s medical bills.

During August 2011, we’re coming together to help Lucy Gordon from Wichita, Kansas. Lucy has a very rare condition and needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. Her sister Tracy happens to be a perfect match for that. They will be entering life-saving surgery soon.

Please watch this short video for their story (it’s actually filmed from the hospital):

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Staying Positive During Difficult Times

It would make perfect sense if Lucy and her family were lost in worries, anger and fear towards the future. But despite these feelings that undoubtedly exist, they continue to be hopeful and optimistic.

Lucy might be seriously ill, but her positive personality helps her cope with the situation. Her life motto is live, love, laugh. Her days at the hospital are filled with pain, but she still manages to put a smile on her face. Her parents encourage her to be optimistic towards the future.

My parents have always taught me that every cloud has a silver lining. It’s just that when the cloud is very dark and heavy, the lining can be hard to find. During those difficult times, it’s nice to have people around who’ve got your back. Lucy’s family and friends are incredible.

And let’s not forget her sister Tracy, who has plunged in without a doubt in her mind to save her sister’s life!

So What Do You Want Me to Do?

Love Drop is aiming to do two amazing things this month:

  1. Raise $3,000 to pay Lucy’s health insurance for the next 6 months
  2. Deliver 50 uplifting handwritten letters that she can read while recovering

If this story touched your heart, but you’re reluctant or unable to donate money, why not write Lucy a letter? She’ll feel so much warmth when she receives your encouraging words from all over the world.

You can contact the guys at Love Drop and they’ll let you know how to get your note all the way to Tracy’s bed. Let’s show her that silver lining!

Oh, and next time you’re feeling negative about the world and the stuff that’s going on in your life, take a minute to think about Lucy. Her positive spirit in spite of the situation can teach us a lot.

Are you an optimist? How do you deal with difficult and threatening situations?

  • She seems such a great person. I hope we can help her out!

    • I’m sure we can ease the burden. Unfortunately, no one can take away the pain and anxiety Lucy must be feeling, but knowing so many people care might at least temporarily make her feel better.

      That’s a great motto if you can stick to it!

  • Martinique

    love that motto: Live, love, laugh. I will remember that! Great story about a truly amazing person. Hope lots of people will help and that Lucy will be okay again. I really admire the fact that she manages to stay so optimistic. i think you, Esther, are a beautiful person for writing this and that Lucy is a beautiful person for going through these difficult times the way she does!

    • Well it certainly is a lot easier for me to spread the word on this than it is for Lucy to get through! Thanks very much for your kind words, Martinique. It’s so nice to see my words landing on fertile ground.

  • Pea

    Nice work Lady Esther….now, to write my letter…what do I say? What do I say!!!!….I’ll think of something : )

    • Cool! I’m sure you’ll come up with some sweet words while managing to keep it simple. I just watched the video from last month’s Love Drop for Felicity and it’s quite comforting to see people actually caring for each other in these harsh times. Appreciate you stopping by again 🙂