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Love Drop Series: Don’t Judge People With Kids… Or Without Them

by Esther on 24 oktober 2011

The Love Drop team managed to pull out a front-loading washer and dryer and a stove with front controls for temporarily wheelchair-bound mom Melanie, among many other gifts. 

I know this month’s Love Drop tale is a bit late, but these people can also use your help! Here it goes.

Meet Jeff and Becca. They already had four kids when Becca became pregnant again – with triplets! Here’s the video:

The three little ones have just come home from the hospital.

The family is struggling financially to provide everything their young children need. They also live in a trailer, which leaves very little space for nine people. This month, Love Drop aims to help them out by providing all kinds of baby stuff and support.

Small Families, Large Families

This story of a family of four children suddenly growing to seven kids made me think of people’s reactions when they hear of large families – or quite the opposite, of couples who do not have any kids.

My neighbors have eight kids. General reaction: “Wow, why so many? Are they religious or something?” They might be, but does it matter?

My uncle and aunt have no kids. General reaction: “Why don’t they have children? Are they infertile or something?” They might be, but does it matter?

My mom has one kid. General reaction: “Why does she only have one child? That girl must be totally spoiled.” I might be, but does it matter?

A Blessing or a Curse

A friend of mine once told me straight in my face: “You are never going to have children.” This has stuck with me ever since (plus, it showed it wasn’t really a friend after all). The statement was probably projected from his own situation of never having had children and most likely not getting any in the future either.

But no matter the projection, it sounded like a curse that has been haunting me now that me and my boyfriend have been fruitlessly trying to have a child for almost a year.

The takeaway: be careful not to judge others too quickly on the amount of children they have. They may have reasons for it, or they may not. But however the case, their truth can be harsh.

The Triplets’ Love Drop

If you can spare a dollar and don’t judge the triplets, go over to the Love Drop page and donate for this family. The reasons they came into this world don’t matter. They are here now, three beautiful, tiny individuals, hopefully with a long and healthy life ahead of them.

Let’s bless them with some useful and kind gifts this month!

  • Thank you for spreading the love! We really really appreciate it 🙂

    • You’re absolutely welcome, thank YOU guys for putting all the energy into Love Drop and making differences! 🙂

  • Nicole

    finally, someone who can articulate the not or having children issue nicely. It is as it is, and does the why mather? No, but the people do. Thanks Esther, you made my day 😉

    • Ha, thanks Nicole! I must admit the why makes me curious sometimes, but I try to approach that question carefully, if I ask it at all. It’s just interesting to get to know other people’s stories. Personally, I don’t mind people asking how the fertility treatments are going, as long as they don’t point a finger and be judgemental about why “nothing has happened yet”!

      Glad you stopped by my blog today 🙂