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Love Drop Series: A Little Happiness

by Esther on 21 juli 2011

Are you new to the Love Drop series on IdentiTales? Start with the first tale on the Stalnaker family.

How would you feel if your name was Felicity and you were four years old? Pretty happy, right?

How would you feel if your name was Felicity, you were four years old and you were battling a tumor in your brain?

The Art of Being Happy

Happiness is a hard concept to grasp. You can have it all, read hundreds of self-help books and still feel unhappy.

I know I do sometimes, and then I whine. A lot.

I whine about the weather, about my work, about feeling tired or fed up.

On other days, all I can talk about is happiness, leading a happy life and help making others happier. Happiness seems to have a different meaning for everyone.

But hearing the story of a little girl named Felicity who’s struggling for her life, going in and out of hospital as a daily routine?

Yeah, that puts happiness in a whole new perspective.

The July 2011 Love Drop: Help Felicity Heal

Felicity Withrow is an adorable 4-year-old, currently undergoing aggressive radiation therapy at 7AM every day. After this, she will also need chemotherapy.

This must be one of the biggest fears of a parent, and something you think will never happen to your child.

Watch this 3 minute video for an introduction to Felicity and her family:

This month, the Love Drop Team is raising money to pay some of Felicity’s large medical bills.

It would also be great if we could give this family a little relief: some time together, just to get their mind off everything that’s going on in their lives.

Some play time for little Felicity so she can feel like a normal kid for an hour or two.

There are different ways for you to help:

  1. Donate what you can miss to this family to help pay their medical bills
  2. Become a Love Drop Member for $1 a month
  3. If you’re a company: share a service they could use, like a fun day out
  4. Join the Love Drop Blogger Network to spread the word
  5. Send Felicity a gift through Love Drop (hint: she loves horses!)

Let’s come together for Felicity, give her a little happiness and put a smile on her face again.

Hurry up though, it’s almost the end of the month so Love Drop will hit Atlanta soon!

What makes you happy? Do other people’s stories make you think any different about happiness?