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Trust and Charity: Helping at a Distance

by Esther on 10 juli 2011

I don’t know the town of Joplin, Missouri.

I’ve never been there. I don’t know anyone living there.

I don’t know what it looked like before the tornado that hit on May 22nd 2011, nor what it looks like now. Sure, I can look up some pictures, but it’s still an ocean away.

But when I found out that sending in one of my blog posts could help the people in Joplin, I put my trust into charity and applied.

Lance Ekum of The Jungle of Life and Tess Marshall of The Bold Life have put together an ebook with over 60 inspiring stories. Their project is called Love Care Donate.

Donate whatever you can miss and download more than 60 bloggers’ favorite tales.

Love Care Donate - donate to Joplin, Missouri and receive an ebook with over 60 inspiring stories

How do I know the money raised by this great initiative will effectively end up in the hands of the people who need it most?

I don’t.

I just trust the Heart of Missouri United Way charity. I have faith in Lance and Tess. And I trust the secure website in handling my payment correctly.

Just as with the Love Drop initiative, I like helping people out at a distance. But it does require a kind of blind faith in the internet, care organizations and, most of all, other people.

Transparency is still a necessity, but it only goes so far.

Do you trust charities and donating online?

If so, please donate and get the ebook with one of my previous IdentiTales and many more stories. You can give whatever you want – every little helps.

Just look at the pictures of the devastation the Joplin tornado caused and ask yourself: what have I got to lose?

  • Esther,
    Thank you so, so much for all the love and support you’ve given to this project. You are a gift, and your giving spirit just shines through so brightly!

    It’s an honor to have your wonderful words included in this book, along with so many others.


    • Hi Lance, thanks so much for your very kind words. I find it amazing how we can generate money and support by simply putting words into a document. This project demonstrates both the power of language and the power of community to me. Keep up the good work, I hope you’ll get lots and lots of downloads!