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3 Essential Personality Traits for Aspiring Bloggers

by Esther on 6 mei 2011

Anyone can write some words down and publish them on the internet. It’s not that difficult.

But if you want to make a difference, you’ll need to take it one step further.

Having started IdentiTales has quickly taught me there are three personality traits that come in very handy if you want to make a good start on your blog project.

1. Be Decisive

Over the last two months, I’ve written down every possible domain name for my new blog and ended up with a list of over 250 possible names.

About 98% of them turned out to be less original than I thought – those domains were already taken. So I focused on the remaining 2% of my list.

I spent many nights tossing myself from one side of the bed to the other, because I couldn’t choose.

Eventually, I was fed up. I just wanted to arrange hosting and get started already! So I randomly picked one of the domains that was still free, went with it and got the site up and running within two days.

I could have saved about six weeks of worrying if I had taken this step sooner.

I do wonder how parents manage to pick names for their children.

2. Be Mature

Although I’m not completely new to blogging, it feels like a fresh start. My former blogs were inconsistently updated personal musings that didn’t reach far beyond a small circle of family and friends.

But the times have definitely changed.

It’s not 1998 anymore.

Blogging today is all about:

  • Killer content
  • SEO
  • Clean design
  • Regular updates
  • Social media interaction

If you want to start a blog these days, grow up. Blogging has changed over the years, and so have you. Recognize this and change your approach accordingly.

3. Be Sociable

In my first tale, I mentioned a few organizations that I have worked with and let them know they were featured in an article. The response was great: these people were happy to be included on my site and told others about it.

If your content is good, success will follow.

But first, you have to let your audience know it exists.

Spread the word about the birth of your site on Twitter. Tell your friends about it. Show off your blog to your colleagues if you have any. Let your family members drop the name of your project when others ask them how you’ve been.

Your blog will get visitors.

If someone comments on your article, take the time to respond. If people share your content, show them you’re grateful. Talk to them. Interact with them.

But be careful.

None of this works if it’s faked.

Interacting with others only works if you behave online like the person you are offline.

When you pretend to be something you’re not, people will easily see through you and ditch you on the spot.

So it comes down to just one approach.

Be yourself.

What do you think are other useful personality traits for an aspiring blogger?

  • Good post… thanks! I think I need to work on all three more, but I also think I’m getting there. Another trait that might be interesting to work on is – be confident – I sometimes think that what I have to tell isn’t that interesting to other people and that doesn’t really help spreading the word about my blog, if you know what I mean 😛

    • Totally!

      I think it’s good to set high standards for the content we put out there, but on the other hand: that what’s easy and obvious to us, might be completely new and interesting to others. That’s what I took away from Catherine Caine’s post: So we have to find the balance between telling the obvious and making it simple for those who aren’t living inside our heads, and raising the bar, aiming to produce killer content only. We definitely need confidence for all of this.

      You should absolutely spread the word on your work, trust me when I say there are many people out there who will find it interesting!

      • Thanks for the great link to Catherine Caine’s work and the confidence!